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Southall-History actively solicits and gratefully welcomes any personal recollections, or scans of old photographs of the town, from current and former ‘long-time’ Southall residents.

Building this website on Southall’s past is to a great extent something of a community project, as although the editor can compile numerous facts, figures and even images relating to Southall’s past, page features are afforded a ‘life of their own’ with the addition of personal contributions from old Southallians.

The period covered by Southall-History extends from the earliest times to the mid 1980’s and all contributions will help to build this free resource into a substantial source of interest for anyone interested in Southall as it used to be; in former, perhaps more genteel times.

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  1. On 27th November 1914 my great-uncle John McKenzie of Twickenham, a telegraphic linesman with the GPO, helped to rescue Mrs Eliz Endacott from a fire at 28 & 30 King Street, Southall, where she was ill in bed upstairs, and at Brentford Police Court at an unknown date in 1915 he was awarded a certificate and a guinea by the Society for Protection of Life from Fire. I would be interested to know if there are any contemporary photographs of this address, or any newspaper accounts of the fire (not sure which paper would have covered the area) or of the certificate presentation. Any relevant information will be gratefully received.

    1. Hello Tim,

      Many thanks for your enquiry regarding Endacott’s fire; quite a well known Southall event. Unfortunately, I do not believe that there are any surviving contemporary news narratives – the local paper would have been the Southall Gazette, however, they themselves do not hold archives going back to this period. I am pleased to be able to help you with photos of the fire itself; I believe there to be only two extant, both published in the excellent book ‘The Mayple and Southall Green’ by R.J. Meads. The entire volume is duplicated in full within this website and links to the two pictures are:
      Unfortunately, even within this and other volumes by the same author, no more than a passing narative of the event is made, nonetheless, I hope that this has been of use to you.

    2. My wife saw the plane that crashed into kelvin gardens, southall in 1958, as it flew over soikes bridge park, she had recently moved from kelvin gardens to spikes bridge road.

  2. Hi Luke,

    Many thanks for your enquiry and interest in the Southall-History website; I think that the best person to speak to is Paul Lang, the Library Supervisor at Ealing Hospital – I believe that he is an authority on all aspects of St Bernards. The last contact details which I had were: 020 8354 8518. I hope that this will be of assistance and I wish you the very best of luck with your dissertation.

  3. My Ancestors lived in North Hyde from around 1800 through to 1900. Thomas Curnock was a wharfinger as were several of his sons. John Curnock rented Waxlow Farm for fifteen years and I have the origonal lease on vellum.Have any of your members,supporters, any information on the Curnock family that they would share with me?
    Regards Tony Curnock

    1. Hi Tony,

      Thank you for your interest in the website and the fascinating information about your family’s links to Southall. I have published the details that you provided and should any readers contact me with any further information, I will forward this to you immediately.

      I hope that you will continue to pass by the site periodically; it is very much a work in progress in between lengthy work contracts, but I hope to publish the first of many pictorial historical features in the very near future.

      If you have any old images of Southall, or your family in Southall that you would like to have featured on the website, then please let me know and I will be happy to feature them will acknowledgements.

  4. What a really interesting site. I grew up in Southall in the 1960’s. My parents owned the newsagent’s directly opposite the entrance to Southall Park at 99, The High Street on the corner of Park View Road. Sadly pulled down in 1968. My dad had an 8mm camera and used to film various goings on in front our shop such as the Southall carnival parade in 1966 as it approached the park entrance and the “Ban the bomb” march as the protesters left the park entrance in 1967. I might still have the colour footage somewhere. I recall a very sad incident on the zebra crossing in front of the park entrance in about 1967 where a young boy (about 4 years old) was crossing the road from the park with his grandfather towards Holy Trinity church but was hit by a speeding motorist. He was thrown some 20-30 feet down the road and was sadly killed. I witnessed this as I stood on the opposite side of the road. Ironically I recall a road safety centre being built in Southall Park where as a child you could borrow bikes, scooters and little cars. They had traffic signals and a proper road layout as well. It’s where I learnt to ride a bike.

    1. Hi my grandparents used to live at 1 Oakwood avenue opposite the park and in the 50s my great grandmother would use that shop. Lots of relatives married at holy trinity. Loved Southall.
      Linda quinn (Sutherland)

    2. Hi we lived at 3 Orchard Ave, moved to Heston in 1968 just before my 7th birthday I went to St Anslems. I remember an old guy that had a car show room gave me a doll but can still him 🥲

  5. Thanks for this website – I’ve just discovered it. I’m in the UK from Australia doing research and desperately looking for info on my grandfather who died in St Bernard’s Hospital Southall in 1972.

    Just gaining the library supervisor’s name is a big plus.

    If anyone has any ideas on how I can discover where my grandfather’s ashes might be I’d love to hear from them. My family have only just found out who our grandfather was, so any info is valuable.



  6. In the 1950’s I used to live in Humes avenue just off the bostan manor road, most of my family lived in the w7 and Southall, greenford area.

    My uncle son had a shoe repair shop oppisite the Odeon picture house, wouls anybody have any picture of the same around that time?

    Kindest Regards


  7. I’m french historian and look for information and photo about a Southall citizen killed in Arras on September 1944 and still buried in the Faubourg d’Amiens Cemetery in Arras.
    This officer is Lieutenant Francis George SIMPSON, 4th Royal Horse Artillery dead in Arras on 7th September 1944.
    He is the Son of Francis Edward and Hilda Maud Simpson; husband of Beatrice Maude Simpson, of Southall, Middlesex.

  8. Does anybody have any info about my grandfather, who worked in a bakery in Southall during WW2? He was a Welsh man called Emlyn Morgan, and worked in a bakery in Southall during WW2. Married to Eleanor, also known as Madeline, with a son Brian, born 1941. I never met him. I’m aware of his history up to the point at which he left Wales, but nobody knows what became of him after he and my grandfather split up. Ideally I’m looking for a photograph. Thanks.

  9. I am very interested in the publications listed as written by RJ Meads – but am unable to access them on this site. I receive a “page not found” notification. Will they be available in future?

    I am related to the Meads family – RJ Meads was my grandmother’s grandfather’s brother’s son (don’t ask me for the technical relationship!) – and indeed my grandmother grew up on Queens Road, Southall with the Meads family and knew them all. I have been researching into the family tree, and would appreciate access to the personal memories book in particular as it will probably give a wealth of family information.

    1. My Name is Jane Bolding back then and I knew the Meads family sister used to work for Mr Mead and my dad was the president of the Southall Chamber of Commerce back in 1966
      Please email me on [email protected] for more information

  10. Hello

    I am a student from France doing research on Southall and more precisely on the Hambrough Tavern event of 1981. Would you by any chance know anyone I could contact to get more information?

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Diane L.

    1. I may be too late but, came across this page whilst browsing the history of Southall. I was living in southall in the late 70s.

  11. Hello
    I am trying to reach G.P. Twyman as recommended by the V and A. Can you let me know if you can reach him? Please let him know I’d like to chat to him about the story of the Martin Brothers. Soonest would be marvellous!

  12. Sir,
    I am researching one of my ancestors whom I’m given to believe was a landlord of a public house in or around Southall.
    His given name was Arnold George Looker and he was born in Hertford in December 1896. His family called him ‘Ernie’, and he passed away, enjoying his retirement, in Eastbourne, I think in the late-to-middle 1980’s.
    I wonder if you have any information regarding him please?
    Thank you,
    Graham Looker (Cornwall)

  13. Re: White Hart/Don Short/Albermale Jazz Club
    Would anyone have information on the whereabouts of Don Short today.
    I am looking for photographs and information regarding the ART WOOD COMBO who played at the White Hart. Don was also their manager at one time.
    I have a lot of info on Art and his various bands, but trying to locate photographs as well as contacting Don Short. Any assistance appreciated.
    Thanks, Tony
    Tony Freer
    Woodstock, Ontario. CANADA
    [email protected]

  14. We are looking at proposals to redevelop St Johns Old Church (on Kings Street, Old Southall), and are looking for history societies or associations that may have an opinion on the historical significance or any historical information of the church.

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi David
      May I recommend a book of early Southall by William F Drinkwater The details of which are as below.
      “SOUTHALL & NORWOOD” A Portrait in Old Picture Postcards.”
      Author William. F . Drinkwater
      First Published in 1992 by S B Publications, unit 2 The old Station Yard, Pipe Gate, Market Drayton, Shropshire TFG 4HY It is still obtainable
      It contains a photograph of the Old St John’s Church on the Corner of Western Rd and The Green ( King’s Street ) It was built in 1837 and the first Vicar was a Reverend . F .Hewson
      It shows a sizable graveyard surrounding it plus a photo of F. Hewson.
      When we were kids going to Saturday Morning pictures at either the Dominion or the old Gem, without realizing that we were cutting right across what remained of the graves under the ground via the Flexman’s Coaches yard on the corner of Western Rd . Little did we realize that whilst impersonating Roy Rogers final victory , we were galloping over bodies !!
      I was born in 1942 and lived in Western Road until 11years of Age. Our Family attended the newer St John’s Church in Church Rd. The vicar was a reverend Morley. ( Very stern and frightening to a young child!!)
      My Grandparents and Great Grandparents and other relations are buried in the cemetery at the end of Church Road. That is where the original entrance to it used to be before they moved it to Havelock Rd! . After living in Australia for a number of years the new entrance took some finding on one of our recent visits back.
      You are probably aware that the original Church for the Southall Norwood area pre 1800 was St Mary’s Church at Norwood Green. Most of the other Churches in Southall today were only built in the early 1900’s
      Hope this information helps
      Kind regards

      Geoff Snelling

  15. I have a publication from the first war detailing by name and address those from southall serving in the forces during this time along with those who died in service. My family lived in Regina Rd and and the western road area. If this publication could be of use to Southall history then I would be pleased to hand it over.

    Ed Hayles

  16. Hi
    I have no personal connection to Southall but have a question that I hope someone can answer.
    I’m interested to know where the old Southall Greyhound Track was located. I understand it was on Havelock Road but as the road is rather long I’d like more precise info.
    I’m actually interested in the Martin family of potters who apparently moved to the site of the old soapworks in 1877 – was this in the vicinity of the dogtrack?
    I understand the dog track was opened in 1939 and possibly demolished in the 1970s. What is on the site now ????

    I would be VERY grateful for any help you can give
    Linda Kane

    1. Its free to register if you go on Britain from above and search Southall you will find the dog track It was on the left just past Marlow Road

      1. Just for your general information . It is also some where near that area of the dog track that the Martin Brothers had their famous Pottery after they moved their business out of London.

        In the 1950’s when I used to go to the Southall dog races with my Father. Havelock road was still unsealed from just before the dog track all the way through to Top locks on the canal. It was a rough ride even on a bike!
        On both sides of the road in those days it was still allotments just past the Dog tracks and the public footpath.

    2. The Southall dog track was on Havelock Road towards the Top Locks area. The site is now a primary school. It closed in 1964. My father spent many hours there, losing lots of money.

    3. Hi
      Paste the following into Google maps.
      I lived across the road from the dog track in the 50’s. Remember climbing on the wall to watch the races.
      Next to the track was a steel works.

    4. Hi Linda, I’ve been doing some research on this. The Martin Brothers lived in 1 Buckingham Terrace, which no longer exists. The site of their cottage and the old soap works/pottery was where Damsonwood Road now is.

        1. Hi Amar,
          Better late than never! I’m an archaeologist so it’s my research background. I did some map regression work using Ordnance Survey maps and the painting by E L Ham of the site. The OS mapping at this stage is pretty accurate so it is possible to overlay it onto present day mapping and work out the approximate location. I think it is likely the site has been disturbed by construction over the years.

          Best wishes,

    5. Hi, don’t know if you have had a reply to your enquiry of August 21, 2014 and don’t know if you will get this, but Southall Dog Track in Havelock Road was just past Warwick Road and was demolished and replaced with Havelock Primary School (which you can see on google maps) in the 80’s, I think. Kind Regards Adrian Dorward, Old Southallian.

      1. Adrian Dorwood OMG Its me Jane Bolding who used to work with Dennis at Hilton Electricals. I had a real crush on you and still have the invite to your 18th party lol
        Also a photo of us outside Southall football Club. Let me know if you want any more info

        1. Adrian Dorwood OMG Its me Jane Bolding who used to work with Dennis at Hilton Electricals. I had a real crush on you and still have the invite to your 18th party lol
          Also a photo of us outside Southall football Club. Let me know if you want any more info
          Sorry no Im not a stalker so dont worry haha

    6. Hi its now havelock school has been since 1980, I’m pretty sure Prince charles opened the school back then as for Martin family I’m sure they were based at top locks

  17. Can anyone enlighten me as to exactly where Carole Middleton (nee Goldsmith) grew up in the Southall area. I understand she lived at two different addresses and her father lived at 57 Clarence Street. Does anyone know of the other addresses? Many thanks

  18. Hi there

    I’m a journalist and am writing a piece for The National newspaper in the UAE about Southall. I was trying to get in touch with a historian to ask them a few questions about the area; it would be great if anyone who knows about the area could get in touch on [email protected] … (My deadline is 9 October 2014 though!)

    Many thanks!

    Ben Flanagan

  19. Hi there, if anyone has photos of the greyhound track that used to be in Southall
    i would be most greatfull if i could get hold of some, or if anyone knows how i
    could aquire some photos that would be great to.

    Many thanks, Martin.

  20. Thank you for such a lovely website. I was born and raised in Southall and have lovely memories growing up. Something about the Royal connection – pictures of The Middletons family home, Featherstone SChool where Kate Middletons mum attended and perhaps even an article from her would be fascinating to everyone.

    1. I attended the Baptist Church in Southall and Carole Goldsmith was a member of the Youth Group. As she is a few years younger than me I only vaguely remember her. But I am sure other member of the Youth Group would have been friendly with her.

  21. Great website, would anyone happen to know where i could possibly gain access to a library of pictures for king street, between 1975 to 1990 as i would like to build a history for when my grandfather moved to the country from kenya and we have owed the corner shop selling textiles now for over 40 years.

    Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

  22. Hello,

    My father, John Smith was a member of the Southall Historical Society until he moved to Dorchester in 1986/1987. Due to failing health, we have been sorting out his belongings and have come across a collection of drawings of the 31 pubs of Southall and I am wondering if these would be of any interest to you?

    If they are, please let me know what address you would like me to send them to.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards

    David Smith

  23. Wondering if anyone can help. I am currently trying to trace the southall fc team from the fa vase final 1986. We have a Facebook page called 1986 and all that and are looking for the newspaper reports and photos from that time. Can you help with any research , or do you know if the Gazzette has archives from that time.if anyone has any photos from the club or the old western road stadium I would love to see them and with permission use them. Everyone is welcome to visit the page and hopefully add to it. Thanks in advance. Ben

  24. My mother was born in Southall in 1915. She has just died, 100 yrs later, and i am clearing her house.
    I have found a personal account about one person’s memories of Southall, type written into a file. Too much to write in this forum.
    Its called Growing Up With Southall, by R.J. Meads.
    I wonder if there is some historical society that would be interested in having it.

  25. My name is René Van der Straeten. I am from Belgium and as an historian involved in all aspects of The Great War.

    I would like to get in touch with someone in your organization that shares the same interest, in order to exchange information, photographs, etc…

    My Email address is [email protected]

    Much obliged,

    René Van der Straeten

  26. My great grandfather, Michael Hynes, lived at 37 Northcote Ave. Southall . He was a veteran of the Crimean War and was a Yeoman of the Guard to Queen Victoria.
    He died on 18 May 1906. I was wondering if the local paper ran an obituary.
    How can I send a photo for your archives?
    Mike Fruin

  27. Hello,
    I am doing research for my autobiography.
    I arrived in Southall, in 1968 from Africa.
    I have good memories of growing up in Souhtall.
    I am looking for information and photos of 1968.
    I would be very gratefull for your help.

  28. Hello,

    I wonder if someone from your society can help me? I have been going through some old photos which once belonged to an old aunt and uncle and I have found a photo with an address on the reverse which states a name and address in Southall. The address reads:

    Mrs F Humphreys
    144 Wentworth Road

    The photo looks like it was taken in the 1930’s and looks like a holiday scene. There is no clues as to its location.

    Do any locals recognise this name? I would love to return it to its owner/owners.

    Jane Burrows

  29. I am trying to help a friend with her family history and we have some very limited information on a Mary Maguire whose parents owned/ran a greengrocers in Southall in the late 50s early 60s. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. No help about Mary, but I remember the Maguires shop with great affection. We lived just around the corner in Featherstone Road.

    2. I have come across this in 2024. Mary Maguire is my older sister. Our dad, PC Maguire ran the greengrocers (with our mum, Grace) from 1952 until 1972. Mary went to Featherstone Primary (conveniently opposite our shop, number 8 Dudley Road) , then Western Road girls then Churston College in Norwood Green as my parents weren’t too impressed with Western Road! Our older brother Paul went to Isleworth Grammar (we had lived in Isleworth prior to getting the shop) and I went to the Green school Isleworth. I have a photo of me outside the shop in my summer school uniform with our dog, Mike, a great favourite of customers and passers by. Both siblings alive and well, Paul in Burton Joyce, Notts and Mary in Farnborough. I live in Brentford in the house that my grandad Maguire bought new in 1930

  30. Hello Oliver

    I knew a Carole Goldsmith who lived almost opposite us in Hartington Road.


    Mal Loveridge

  31. My grandfather Thomas (aka Tom) Wood, was born in Faversham Kent in 1869. He was a talented builder who travelled in Europe, building at International Exhibitions / Expositions. He bought a house in Townsend Road, then a tree lined avenue, in 1908. He was in some capacity involved in the Southall Development Syndicate and although The Abstract Title is held at the National Archives there is no indication of its purpose and no names of any of its Directors. Can anyone advise me further?
    Sadly Tom Wood died in middle age, but two of his four sons had their own related business, trading as Wood Bros, on South road. I have lots of memories, knew lots of people and have a number of photographs.
    I was born in Norwood Green in 1942.

    1. Please upload your photographs with your memories as captions onto a website like Flickr. I would like to see them.

  32. Researching my family tree, I have come across an 1891 Census record for my Great Grandparents which puts them at 3, Tuns Yard Cottages, Southall. I can’t find any record of this address. Does anyone know anything about it?

    1. Hi Phil,
      There was a pub called The 3 Tuns in old Southall, opposite St Anselm’s church. Maybe that might be a clue?

      Best wishes,

      1. Hi Sarah ,

        I must apologise as I have not checked this site at all, but thank you for your feedback from 4 years ago!

        The 3 Tuns pub has come up a few times in my (very) intermittent research, and I have since found reference to Kingston Road as being an address of interest too, which would indeed place it very close to where that pub would have once been located, on the site of what is now the Mehfil hotel.



    2. Hi Phil
      The Three Tuns Pub was small pub with a stable yard attached which stood between Hortus and Kingston Road on the Eastern side of the Green. It was still standing there when we moved away in 1975. There were other small buildings attached, perhaps these were the cottages.
      Incidentally the Pub sign was three small beer Barrells (i.e., 3 Tuns) and not the address number.

      The pub opposite St Anselm’s was the “Victory” originally named the Duke of Prussia and was next door to the Manor House directly opposite the ABC Dominion Cinema.

  33. my granddad. sam Donnelly my dad and his brothers .used to live lived across the road from the dog track .my granddad used to race greyhounds there .

  34. Hello,
    I was wondering if you had any royalty free footage of Southall in the 1970’s and 1980’s that we could use for a documentary we are making about Southall. Or if you put me in contact with someone or a company that would have this footage.

  35. Is there a plaque in or around Kelvin Gardens that commemorates the 2nd September 1958 Southall Plane Crash. Partners father was the flight engineer that died in this crash. As next year is the 60th anniversary I am hoping to persuade him to visit the area. Lots of news footage and have found an original newspaper but was hoping for something where some flowers could be laid in memorial.

    Many thanks.

    1. Not sure about a plaque but the air crash was the first big incident my Dad attended as a Fireman with the Middlesex Fire & Ambulance Service (later the Middlesex Fire Brigade).

  36. My Grandfather – Thomas Wood – a builder who was employed internationally – was living in Southall, a small country town, around 1910 (he bought his own house in 1908); My father and his brothers grew up in the area where they had business on South Road which I often visited as a child. My grandfather held some sort of position with:-
    “Southall Development Syndiocate ltd” – the abstract of Title of his purchase relates to development of Land in Southall.
    Registered Office; 5, Bedford Row London WC.*** (Borough of Campden)
    Campden Council have informed me that this address in Bedford Row, housed firms of solicitors.

    I would like to know whether there are any available details regarding the Southall Development Syndicate.
    Jonathan Oates at Ealing Archives has been unable to help me.

  37. While researching my ancestors, I have come across reference to an address of Woodland Place, Southall in the 1920s and 1930s. This address does not appear on current online maps. Can anyone help identify the location of this address?

  38. I have re typed on to ‘Word’ a ‘History of Southall Manor House’ by Miss E.M. Barnett, and perhaps this should be added to your website. How do I upload this please? Or send it to someone for ‘approval’.


  39. I lived in Havelock rd from 1957-1982 grew up in Southall and am miffed about all the talk of OLD SOUTHALL, can someone please tell me how the term came about.

    1. Hi, could it possibly be before the bridge was built over the railway, now dividing what was then called North/South? Before then, it was just a railroad crossing.
      Just a thought.

      I lived in Southall, first as a young kid, then later as a teen. I used to work at the postoffice which was situated at the bottom of the bridge, (the side towards the town centre) as a telegram boy. Riding those red Bantam bikes!

      What is now a Sikh Tempel (i believe), used to be a cinema, where my mum and dad met in the 1940’s.

    2. Hi Tony, My name is Jane and I used to spend a lot of time with Paula and your family, mainly holidays to Butlins.
      What do you need to know

  40. Hi, I’m trying to research a relative of mine (a great great aunt) who died at Hanwell Asylum/St Bernard’s in 1944.

    I know Hanwell’s collection is divided between 4 locations, but not which one has the patient records.

    I am also trying to find out where I can access local newspapers from the time.

    Can you guys at Southall History help me at all please?

    Thank you!

  41. Can anyone help ? Where can I get pictures of the southall carnival and of jubilee gardens from the 70s and 80s.
    It seems like the history of the carnival and it’s 3 days in southall park over the August bank holidays have all but been forgotten. Also there used to be a school just inside jubilee garden that was derelict when I was a boy and we used to play inside the remains, does anyone know if this was a school. My mum used to say it was for children with special needs.
    Lastly is there anywhere that I could visit that is likely to archieve old pictures of southall.

    1. I do not have any pictures of carnival in 1970’s or 1980’s but I may have a few of the Carnival in the 1960’s if that is of any help

      1. My Dad used to help run the Southall Carnival on behalf of the Southall Chambers of Commerce tent and carnival and I was a regular on the floats every year as a child and I would love to see some photos from the 60’s

    2. Hi Steve, not sure if you,ll ever read this but the building just outside (was in my day) the gate was a library were I spent vast amounts of time back in the early ’50s. The only building I remember just inside the gates was a ‘pavillion’ type building common in parks in those days with bench-type seats along the outside walls. Never was a school inside the park.

      1. Hi Frank I’ve only just seen your reply it’s funny but I forgot that I asked the question.
        I remember the pavilion, it was located at the end of the tarmac just inside the large area of the park then the path went right up to the swings, the large slide and the witches hat. There was no path to the left just two big trees a little further down. I remember the pavilion being in a bit of a state and we used to wait in there for the rain to stop. I remember an Asian guy who used to call himself Elvis and he had slicked his hair back like Elvis. I also remember all the bags of glue that used to be in the park from the glue sniffers at the time. Glad that stopped. Going back to the building that I was told was a school it was located on the left just as you walked in the park but was set back a bit and was fenced off. There was lots of broken glass on floor of the derelict building. It used to back on to rear of the gardens on St. Peter’s Road.

  42. My husband is related to the Hanson family. His great grandfather was Arthur Hanson. He removers last visiting the family home Revelstoke on south road in the seventies and was wondering if the house still exsists. ? Do you also know which graveyard the family are buried in. We have a few pictures of the family taken in the garden of the house and a lovely one of the two brothers Ben and Arthur Hanson.

  43. I am researching the Steel family and particularly their involvement with Southall Market and Market House . My wife`s father , Henry George Noel Steel, was born in 1913 at Market House . RJ Meads book has a reference to Mr Steel the Auctioneer and this I think must be his father Charles Frederick Steel . I would very much like to expand on this and welcome any feedback to achieve this . Any details about Market House , for instance a photo , or it`s precise location ,will be much appreciated . Is it still standing?.

    Many thanks

    Roger Cox

  44. my mother was in St Bernards hospital from the early 1950s and lived there until her death in 1965. She first was admitted as a parkinsons disease patient. I have memories as a child going to visit her with my father , but not being allowed to see her. At about 18 years old I did get to see her , and have very sad memories . By now she was too far gone and could n’t communicate with either of us.

    Through the years our family found it so hard to talk about her. Now after many years of wanting to find out about her upbringing. I am trying to do research. I am struggling with finding out where she even came from.

    Her name was Julia Irene Tullet . I would love to hear from anyone who may have any information about her or your own stories of St bernards. Wishing you all a happy healthy year. Peter

    It would be so nice to be able to put meaning to her life.

    1. I have never used facebook before so I don’t know whether this epistle will get to you. I am a novice at email etc. Re. your undermentioned posting years ago …my father worked at St.Bernard’s Hospital as a registered nurse for years, before and after the 2nd world war. I worked there in the office, briefly from 1964. Patients had some sort of social life with regular dances etc. and during the war received a better diet (oranges etc) than those in the outside world. The hospital had it’s own pig farm, library, and bakery etc. and patients could work in the vegetable gardens. Some were allowed out unsupervised to shop in Hanwell and return at night. My father always told my mother that if he “went do-lally” she was not to worry if he ended up in St. Bernard’s as the patients were well looked after there. Personally I think it was a better system than the haphazard “community care” psychiatric treatment patients get nowadays. I hope this small information is any comfort to you.

      My mother was in St Bernards hospital from the early 1950s and lived there until her death in 1965. She first was admitted as a parkinsons disease patient. I have memories as a child going to visit her with my father , but not being allowed to see her. At about 18 years old I did get to see her , and have very sad memories . By now she was too far gone and could n’t communicate with either of us.

      Through the years our family found it so hard to talk about her. Now after many years of wanting to find out about her upbringing. I am trying to do research. I am struggling with finding out where she even came from.

      Her name was Julia Irene Tullet . I would love to hear from anyone who may have any information about her or your own stories of St bernards. Wishing you all a happy healthy year. Peter

      It would be so nice to be able to put meaning to her life.

  45. I was born in Southall 1949, my parents, grandparents and greatgrandparents lived there too. Mainly Balfour Rd, Townsend St. I have a photo taken of me and my mum during the Queens Coronation street celebrations, in Balfour Rd. All us kids enjoying a nice long table of party food i guess, cant remember much about it. I was about nearly 4yrs old at the time.

    I hav a photo and wish to know how to contribute? Also, this site dosn’t seem to update that much, allthough many have commented?

    I now live in Sweden.

  46. Hello. I have been unsuccessful finding the name of a company/factory which was located above Burtons store in Southall in the 1960’s. My mother worked there making bras, and this is the only item she remembers being manufactured there. Can anyone help? Thank you.

    1. A local paper of the time may have reported the accident with some detail including details of a Coroners Report which may help

  47. Hello,
    Can anybody assist me with my research into St. Mary’s Orphanage, North Hyde? I have postcard showing the Prince of Wales talking to the Orphanage’s Bandmaster, probably sometime in 1923, but I have not been able to put an accurate date to it
    Mike Ellis, Broadstairs, Kent

  48. Hello
    I am cleaning out some storage in our local church and have found programmes for concerts of the Southall Philharmonic Society, patron Ralph Vaughan Williams. Are they of any interest to you?

  49. I am researching details of an article published in the south all gazette in June 1964. Any ideas what may have happened to photographs and or photographers from that time. One photograph was published, but wondering if others around unpublished. Long shot obviously.

  50. Hello This is Peter again. I wrote in this forum on March the 6th 2018 . regarding my mother Julia Irene Langley nee tullett. who lived for many years in St Bernards hospital. up to 1965 when she passed away there. I wonder if anyone has any details of her . Someone may have worked there in the 1950s and 60s. I am finding it almost impossible to find anything about her, on the geneology sites. Love to hear from anyone who worked there.

    1. NHS records are being released – you may find some details there; also Ealing Library may be able to advise you

  51. My grandparents moved into a newly built house in Townsend Road in 1908. It appears to have been built by the Southall Development Syndicate. Does anyone have details / knowledge of The Southall Development Syndicate – I am assuming that they were involved in the development of Southall, leading up to and just beyond WW1. The Company had London Registered Offices and were wound up in 1922.

  52. Does anyone have any information about the Southall Film Studios? My Uncle born in 1908 and who lived in Townsend Road worked on their construction and I have lots of photos of the ongoing work

    1. The Southall Film studios were located at the opposite end end of Queen’s rd. from Dudley Rd. It was remade into a small works area sometime in the 1950’s and I worked there at A J Wilkinsons Engineering from 1964 thru to 1965.
      The Wilkinson Family also at that time managed the Havelock Arms Pub in the King’s St.

      Geoff Snelling

  53. Which school in Southall was considered to be the Grammar School, offering scholarships c.1905 ?

    1. Southall Grammar school was located at Villiers Rd next to Southall Park.
      There was also a Technical Grammar school located in Beaconsfield Rd.
      Both required a Middlesex Count Scholarship to be able to attend. I attended the Tech school from 1954 to 1958

    1. Thank you – I have now discovered that it was originally named Southall County Secondary School, and was built 1906/1907, and as you now so rightly say is now called Villiers School.
      – does anyone know who the builders might have been
      – whether the early school records – ie Admission & Discharge Registers – have survived. I have contacted Villiers school who have no knowlege of them.

  54. Hello, I would be very grateful if anyone could help with searching for details of where my friends father may have been buried in 1960.

    Sadly my friend lost his mother in 1958, and although his father re-married, he took his own life in 1960 when my friend was only 11 years old, then moved up north to be with relatives.

    This completely changed the course of my friends life, but he was never told where or what happened to his father after his death. He would be hugely grateful for any help in locating his grave as most online searches haven’t found anything and the cemeteries in that area can’t find any records either.

    My friends father was William Charles Burchill Plant. Died on the 7th feb 1960 and lived on Bycroft Road.

    Many thanks.

    1. I am assuming that you have had the records for the cemetery in Havelock Road, Southall, checked?

  55. I have a copy of “Contribution to Victory”, an official publication by AEC of Southall, about the Associated Equipment Company’s production of vehicles in WWII. 124 pages, 13″ x 8″, plentiful photos. I would be willing to pass this on to you.

  56. Your help please.

    My grandfather Francis Samuel Honey lived in Southall between 1905 and 1955. Unfortunately he was electrocuted in Wraysbury in 1955 but I have no ideas whether he was buried or cremated early in 1956 as I was 11 at the time.

    Please do yo know any way I can find out

  57. A local paper of the time may have reported the accident with some detail including details of a Coroners Report which may help

  58. I have a scanned photo of Southall and its blacksmith’s forge c.1910- I send it in for posting on the site, but to where and what size / format?

  59. My daughter is compiling a family tree.It concerns family’s Cordery and Carter of Regina Road Southall.Jefferies of Florence Rd.Stannett of Beverley Rd.Any time during 30’s and 40’s.I would love to find any cousins I may have.

    1. I am a member of the Jefferies family from Florence Road and my grandfather and mother’s maiden name was Cordero.

  60. I grew up in Southall from 1948 until my family migrated to Australia in 1963. Until I was seven we lived at West Avenue. We then moved to Gregory Road on the Havelock estate.

    I am interested in making contact with my old school friends who attended Featherstone County Secondary Boys School between 1960 and 1963. Most of them would have been in classes 1a in 1960, 2 alpha in 1961, 3 alpha/alpha in 1962 and 4alpha/alpha in 1963.

  61. I am trying to find a long lost friend of my fathers for him. I am looking for a gentleman called Paul Thomas, my dad Ivor attended Featherstone infant school and high school. They were both members of the Featherstone Brass Youth Band in the 1960s. If anyone has any information I would be very grateful.

    Kind Regards


  62. What I’m trying to find out for my dad is that he was once told by his scripture teacher that his dad was a really good footballer. Two medals have recently come to light and we are trying to get more info on them, one was for runner up in the Gosney cup 1926, and the other for Hanwell and district Junior league football no date. Would you have any information on what team he may of played for or any information on the Gosney cup. My dad used to live in Oaklands Road and went to Oaklands road school he was born in 1938 my dad’s name is Royston William Holt, His dad was Leonard William Holt and possibly also went to the same School he was born in 1912. I have tried several avenues to get information but I’m not getting anywhere. I picked up on an article on your site Growing-up With Southall From 1904 (Memories of R.J. Meads)
    POSTED ON JANUARY 11, 2011 BY ADMIN that mentions the cup. any information would be gratefully received

  63. In the mid-1960s I had a ‘Saturday job’ in a quite large clothes shop in Southall Broadway but I can’t remember the name of it ~ do you know it?

    Thanks, John Maloney

  64. SOUTHALL c.1910

    I have a scanned photo of Southall and its blacksmith’s forge c.1910- canI send it in for posting on the site, where to and what size / format?

  65. Southall Development Syndicate – does anyone have any knowledge of this organisation in existance in early days of building property in Southall c.1900? They had a London Registered Office, and according to local newspapers appear to have bought up parcels of land for development for instance, Townsend Road which was built in 1908, I believe by this company; but I can find very little detail.

    1. Hi April

      This is the first time that I have been in this site since 23 Sept 2018, looking back it looks like you may have answered my post about Julia Irene Langley nee Tullett. Although I am still finding it impossible to find more about my mother in St Bernard’s, I would like to thank you for your reply . Sorry for such a delay .

  66. Hello, I wonder if you would be interested in seeing my late father’s memoirs (about 8,000 words). His name was George Albert Webb and he lived in Southall from 1907.

    Thank you,
    Gina Johnson

  67. i am trying to find a clipping in any local paper at the time of a young boy who assisted a policemen in stopping a runaway horse and cart on southall bridge, 20th august 1935, the boy was my father gordon hand, or can anybody tell me how i go about getting this information, thank you!.

    1. reference to the above, the horse bolting, did not happen on southall bridge as someone pointed out earlier the bridge was not there then, having looked at the letter my dads dad received thanking my dad for his help in stopping the horse from the then secretary who signed the letter it happened in south rd, if i remember right there used to be a level crossing there, my dad told me he was walking down the rd when he heard this noise behind him saw the policeman hanging on to the horse by its reigns, he ran out in the rd and grabbed the horses reigns on his side and hung on, he told me he looked over his shoulder and there was a shower of sparks coming off his boots as he had blakeys on front and back of the soles on the boots, also the local lads were running after the horse/cart which carried fruit/veg shoving whatever they could into there shirts/jackets with no attempt to assist in stopping the horse!.

  68. Hi my name is Vivien and spent my very early years in Southall where I started life in Western Road then moved on to Marlborough Road I went to school at featherstone infants and juniors between the years of 1958 to 1966 is there anyone who remember this school then and I spent many hours at Southall rec and the canal as well

    1. Yes..i attrended Featherstone Juniors around 1964’ish. My brothers Paul and David also attended. We also went to the Featherstone High School in Western Rd.. You may remember the head Teacher f the Junior School Mrs Howard…

      We lived in the Heathway along by the Grand Union Canal.. Happy days..

  69. Hello,

    Would you happen to know any history on the pharmacies in Southall?

    I have been told that Sherry’s Chemist on South Road is the longest serving, however I cannot find anything to support this nor an establishment date.

    Kindest regards,

  70. Amongst uncle Johns small collection of postcards (he lived in Southall, died years ago, I think he mighta gone to the postcard fairs in Ealing) is one stated to be The Old Smithy 1902 now New Broadway Southall, its shown next to The Three Horseshoes pub, where was it?
    Do they still have the horse sales? I can remember the rag & bone men coming from all over London to buy their horses in the 1970’s, One musta rented a van and tried to get the horse in, you could see where the horses hooves nearly came thru the sides!

    1. I have a drawing by TS Allan called “Old Smithy Southall” that I inherited from my maternal grandfather, James Scott, who established with his colleague R ? Butler the men’s tailors and outfitters “Butler & Scott” at No. 1, The Broadway – in the 1920s, I think. This shop was right on the corner of The Broadway and High Street. So if that postcard was based on this drawing, then that’s where the old smithy once stood, and my grandparents may have liked the drawing because it was the site where the shop now stood. It looks like an original, still in its original frame. They also acquired TS Allan’s “Old Manor House Southall”, which I have. (I was born in Southall in 1947, and I remember the rag & bone men from the 1950s.)

  71. I am a retired British GP and Titanic researcher. At present I am researching into life and times of a man named MARIUS PETERSEN who might have been a victim of the Titanic disaster. Petersen was originally from Denmark and a Dairy Farm worker by trade. In 1911 he emigrated to England and briefly lived and worked in Southall dairy but I do not have those details. He reportedly made many friends while he was in Southall.

    Marius Petersen was definitely booked to sail on the ill-fated maiden voyage of the Titanic. But there is controversy about whether he actually boarded the ship and that is what my research is about. Some accounts say that he boarded the Titanic as planned in Southampton but was one of over 1500 people who died in the sinking. Other sources – including an article in the West Middlesex Gazette dated 19th April 1912 – claim that Petersen cancelled his ticket in the last minute, got a refund and eventually returned to Denmark. I want to find out which of the two eventualities is true.

    If you are unable to supply direct information, perhaps a list of major Dairy Farms in Southhall in early 20th century might help? I can email my queries to them.


    Arun Vajpey

  72. I lived in a small block of flats opposite St Johns church called Wesrern court in Western road Southall in the fifties and attended Western road Junior School.I can remember when a Dakota plane came down in Lady Margeret road.

  73. We have a large box of hand written letters written around 1919/1920 between a young lady who lived in Portland Road, Southall and her gentleman friend who lived in Peckham Rye and we would love someone with an interest in Southall history to have them. These two eventually married and became my wife’s grandparents – both now sadly departed.
    There’s a lot of detail in the letters – all very innocent – but the texts do offer a glimpse of life as youngsters in that time and how they lived, worked and got about. It also looks like the letters were often posted in the morning and being delivered in the afternoon – almost up to e-mail standard!
    If you would like these letters please e-mail me at [email protected] . I’m afraid if no one comes forward they’re likely to be sent to the dump

    1. Lesters used to be on the corner of Northcote Avenue. The owner was very cheerful guy with rosy cheeks.

  74. Good afternoon,

    I am interested in Frogmore Nursing Home in Norwood Green
    my reason for interest is that I run the website for Norwood Green Residents Association
    and occasionaly I get requests for information and photographs of Frogmore nursing home because it was where they were born, sadly I cant seem to find any information on it at all.

    I would be most grateful if you could help in this matter.


    Brian Kidd

  75. Sorry, I cannot recall Frogmore although I grew up in Norwood Green/Heston, my father was the manager of a grocery shop – Platts Stores Ltd, the branch on the corner of Fern Lane and Crosslands Ave. The company’s headquarters was in High Street, Hounslow, with branches all over Middlesex. I attended Norwood Green Infants and Junior Schools then after the Scholarship, I went to Southall County Grammar School from 1954-60. I have been trying to locate archives for my school but no luck so far for the years I was there. I was in the school tennis team and choir, also the dramatic society and can remember being in productions of Pygmalion and The Devil’s Disciple. My favourite teacher was Miss D Brookes, head mistress and Mr Vernon was headmaster. I once was given 25 lines by a prefect for missing assembly – some friends and I stayed in the cloakroom singing the Ying tong song which was very popular about that time because of The Goons.

    I have lots of odd memories of that area. If anyone wishes, please get in touch re Southall Grammar or indeed local life in Norwood Green in the 1950s. I used to take my dog for walks across the fields to Osterley Park or along the nearby canal and recall the police station just near where the 120 bus stopped. I belonged to the 1st Heston pack Girls Life Brigade and we sometimes had Battalion parades which met on Norwood Green, then marching to a church in Southall. I can remember the huge cricket bat which hung up outside one of the two pubs near the canal at Norwood. Cannot recall their names, maybe one was The Plough? My Dad would cycle to buy fish and chips sometimes on a Sat night from the chippie along that small parade of shops. I remember the Anglican church at the back of the Green but my family attended Heston Methodist where one of my Sunday School teachers was a lovely elderly lady called Miss Walker who had either a chemist shop or opticians at the very back of the Green at Norwood. I remember our GP was Dr Millar, who lived on the corner opposite our small parade of 3 shops: a wine merchant Stowells, then a newspaper/sweet shop and then Platt’s.

    I am now nearly 80, my sister 88, but we have very happy memories of our childhood in Norwood Green.

  76. I forgot to add that there was a boy named Norman Kidd in my class at Junior school, used to live in Fern Lane I think, any relation?

  77. Hello from Canada. I’m looking for the address of Bolland Photography in Southall. I have a family wedding photo that’s from the 1920’s, I think. Unfortunately, there are no names or dates on the photo. The only marks on the picture are ‘Bolland, Hanwell, W and at Southall’. I’ve searched a few business directories of London (one from 1915), but no mention of them.
    I can send a pic of the wedding photo and the Bolland label if that helps.

    Thank-you, Mark

  78. Spent some time over the weekend trying in vain to find maps that would name all the roads in Southall.
    I was looking for the location of Hamborough Terrace, long since gone but unable to find its location.
    Support guidance welcomed.


  79. I worked as an industrial nurse in a factory located in Scotts Road during the 1970s.I cannot remember the name,but they did chromium plating.I seem to remember it was near Crown Cork.Is there anyone who can put me out my misery and let me know the name of the factory,please? Also,spent 7 years in Clifton nursery with Mrs. Richard’s as headteacher.Myname then was Helen Ingarfield.I subsequently worked at Wolfields nursery for 14years with Miss.Skegg as headteacher.My surname was Lawson.Does anyone remember me?

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