Southall 830-1982

In 1911-12 two more cinemas were built. ‘The Empire’ on the corner of Northcote Avenue and the Uxbridge Road. Patterned on ‘The Gem’, it was a great attraction for a time but soon had competition, for ‘The Palace’ was built on the right hand side of the South Road by A. & B. Hanson, to hold’ 300. ‘The Empire’ closed in 1916 but The Palace’ was rebuilt in 1928, again by Hansons, to a design by Mr C. Cole, architect. It became a listed building on the 19th September, 1980. Before this it was taken over by our Asian friends and renamed ‘The Liberty’ in 1976. In 1982 it has become redundant as a cinema and plans are being made to turn it into an indoor market.
There were several bowling greens in the town and, in 1910, Southall Bowling Cup was inaugurated with a match between Southall and Jersey Greens were also at the White Swan, Northcote Arms, Plough, Norwood Green.
Southall Football Club had a very successful season in 1911, winning the Middlesex Senior Cup, Middlesex Charity Cup and West Middlesex Cup
By 1910 Scouting had spread all over the country. The first Southall Troop, Lady Jersey’s Own, was formed that year (more details Appendix 3) They were followed by troops at St Georges in 1911 and Holy Trinity in 1912. They all come under the, then, London Diocesan Boy Scout Corp
In 1913, in the Recreation Grounds, an Open Air Swimming Baths was built. 120 ft. long and 30 ft. wide, with water depths 6 ft. to 3 ft., 40 dressing boxes and attendant’s room and lavatories.
As stated earlier, Otto Monsteds had provided an Institute for the employees, and they encouraged every kind of sport and recreation. A small golf course had come into being on the right hand side of the Uxbridge Road next to the Park.

Civil Administration
For the first time in the history of Southall all four retiring Councillors Messrs J. H. Willis, W. E. Eburne, H. Harries and G. S. West — were re-elected’ unopposed in 1911. What was to be a very good thing for the town, Mr Scarsbrook sold the Manor House and 3½ acres of land to the Council on July 22nd, 1913 for £6,100 (more of the Manor House later). Forced into local Government Board enquiry which lasted five days, on December 19th 1913, the Council were ordered to erect 50 houses, but this scheme was subsequently held up owing to the war.
By permission of the Council, the Annual Competitions of the National Fire Brigade Union (South Midland District) were held in Southall Park, May 20th 1913. The official opening of the Conservative Club at Fairlawn Hall by Mr W. Joynson Hicks, MP for Brentford Division on January 19th, 1914.
Roads in the town were now getting a lot better and paths were paved and all houses were on main sewage. Dustbins supplied and emptied regularly. There was plenty of work, and the railway had started to run cheap excursions.
But what a great change was to come with the outbreak of the First World War on August 4th, 1914.