Southall 830-1982

On Thursday, 29th April HRH the Prince of Wales visited Southall. He opened newly built warehouses at the Quaker Oat Factory and then visited SCOPE in Western Road, and, after lunch, toured the National Industrial Training Centre in Havelock Road. He was given a great reception.
Six Southall men ran in the second London Marathon – three were sponsored.
At the Council Elections on Thursday, 6th May — elected:

Dormers Wells — S. Hopkins, W. Sharma, R. Dheer; Northcote — S. Gill,

H. Graham, D. Harris, Mount Pleasant — B. Deol, S. Cheesman, S. Bird,

Glebe — D. Sohata, R. Pathak, P. Sennett; Waxlow — M. Elliott, J. Clements, G. Singh.

The 1982/3 Mayor Ealing is Councillor N. Pointing. Southall’s unemployment figures 28th May were, 4,269. This increased to 4,376 in June.
A fourteen year old girl, Sammy Harris of Ellison Gardens, although deaf won a Gold Medal at the British Arts Award Contest.
In June it was reported that Clifton Road School was overcrowded. Headmistress G. Shipton stated that a Nursery Play Area was needed.
The new clinic in Featherstone Road received its first patient on 28th June. He was Steve Dass, aged 9.
The GLC have offered ¾million pounds to Southall Community Project to help the unemployed.
The BBC Songs of Praise Programme was filmed at St Johns Church on the 8th July. The congregation was made up of the combined churches.
Miss Gregson retired from North Road School after being there for 41 years. Presentations were made at a party on Tuesday, 20th July.
Bottle Banks in the town have made £5,000 for the ratepayers. A new type has been introduced ‘The Bottle Bin’. This has been a step in the right direction as, unfortunately, over the past few years Southall – like all other towns – has suffered by the fact that a lot of food and drinks are sold in throw away containers. Despite more litter bins and the threat of fines litter is found everywhere and the Council’s latest Directive that after the 1st September household rubbish sacks will only be collected from the front of houses won’t help. Sacks damaged by cats or dogs will spill their contents over the paths, thus creating more mess.
Looking either way from the Town Hall one can still see the tops of trees but, try as they do to get more, over 100 saplings a year planted by the Council are destroyed by vandals.
Reported on the 30th July that a Special Day Hospital is to be built next to Mount Pleasant Hospital, to cater for day care for the aged. Estimated cost £260,000.
Plans have been approved to build on the one acre site where A. & B. Hanson’s yard was in Featherstone Road. This site was where the old Southall Workhouse was over 100 years ago. Developers, Walter Jamieson Partnership.