Southall 830-1982

What has been a favourite shop with Southall people for over 60 years – F. Rowse, Household Fittings and Drapers, West Ealing, will be closing down at the end of 1982.
First mentioned by the Southall Borough Council February 1939 but postponed due to the war, the provision of a Crematorium has again been raised in Council. Formerly to be sited in Glade Green, the proposed new site is part of Greenford Cemetery.
Southall’s three-day show, 28th/29th/30th August, was one of the best for years. Blessed with fine days it attracted large crowds each day. The procession of decorated floats was led by the Band of the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment. Plenty of side shows and entertainment. The Parks Department and the local Societies staged splendid displays, and a Firework Display ended with a profile of Princess Diana.
The same weekend the Great Western Railway Preservation Society at Bridge Road put on displays and had a steam locomotive ‘The Birkenhead’ taking parties down the Brentford Branch. They had over 3,000 visitors.
With the rebuilding nearly complete it has been announced that the original name `Hambrough Tavern’ will be retained. Lots of other names were put forward but found not suitable due to the name `Hambrough’ local history connection.
The rebuilt Hambrough Tavern was opened again on Saturday, 9th October. It cost £200,000 — it is much smaller and designed with the family and community in mind.
Company Director Mary Hilton took over from Roger Kew as the new President of the Southall Chamber of Commerce. He resigned due to overseas business commitments.
The first Asian to be ordained as a deacon in the Borough at St Johns Church last June, died of a heart attack on the 5th October. He was Mr John Masih, aged 33. 700 people attended the funeral.
An appeal for cash, to replace the stolen bronze soldier from the Featherstone Road School War Memorial, had been launched.
After 37 years the Hambrough Whist and Social Club has been forced to close due to declining membership, and the fact that members do not feel safe coming out at night during the winter months. The club, started by the late Mr Syd Green, donated assets of £100 to the Eventide Homes.
The Southern Electricity Company closed its offices at the Iron Bridge, Windmill Lane on November 1st, after 62 years. They are now at Waterloo Road, Uxbridge.
It was reported on the 29th October that Southall has 4,664 unemployed.
John Skinner of St Mary’s Road, Norwood Green, raised £5,000 in sponsored money for the Church of England Children’s Society through running in the New York Marathon – his time was 3 hours and 6 minutes.
A start was made to demolish the Dominion Cinema on Monday, 22nd November.
After breaking away from the Southall Horticultural Association 34 years ago and forming the Southall and District Chrysanthemum Society, an agreement was signed on Wednesday, 24th November, 1982 whereby they became incorporated with the SHA, transferring all their assets.