Southall 830-1982

Several times rival papers have been started without much success but now, with so many new Southallians to cater for, at least three papers are in circulation, printed in their various dialects. This of course must affect the circulation, and interruptions through industrial troubles do not help, but, as can be guessed, the author is very grateful that over the years the Gazette has played its part reporting what has taken place, and thus allowed him to place them on record in this book.

The Principle people holding Office for Southall at the end of 1982:
Southall MP: Mr Sydney Bidwell (Labour).
Mayor of the Borough of Ealing (Southall). Councillor N. Pointing.
Southall Councillors: Dormers Wells: Y. S. Hopkins, W. Sharma, R. Dheer, Northcote: S. Gill, H. Graham, D. Harris; Glebe: D. Sohata,
Mount Pleasant: B. Doel, T. Cheeseman, S. Bird; Waxlow: M. Elliott, J. Clements, G. Singh.
Borough Town Clerk: Mr Brain Collins Pathak.
Medical Officer of Health: Dr Peter Briggs.
Chief Parks and Open Spaces: Mr R. Preston
Chief Officer Finance: R. J. Chalkley.
Southall Police Chief: Chief Supt Robert Hay.
Stationmaster British Rail: Area Officer Mr Bell.
Southall Postmaster: Mr Butcher.
President Southall Chamber of Commerce: Mrs M. Hilton
President Southall Horticultural Association: Mr H. Salvage
President Southall Local History Society: Miss A. Cameron.
President Southall Football Club: Mr R. Fowler.

Parish Vicars
St Marys, The Virgin, Norwood: Revd Neil Pollock.
St Johns, Southall Green: Revd D. L. E. Bronnert.
Holy Trinity, Uxbridge Road: Revd D. Crick.
St Georges, Uxbridge Road: Revd W. G. Morgan.
Christ The Redeemer, Allenby Road: Revd G. T. Grainger.
Emmanuel Church, Golf Links Estate: Revd Roy Smith.
St Anselm’s Catholic Church: Father Antony Brunning.
Baptist Church, Western Road: Revd Boyd V. Williams.
Kings Hall (Methodist), South Road: Revd J. Parkinson.
Salvation Army, Adelaide Road: Major Rose Shephard.
British Red Cross, Centre Organiser: Mrs M. Jerden-Cooke.
Southall Combine St John Ambulance Divisions: Supt B. Holloway.

As we draw to the end of 1982 and the end of this book it must be very obvious that the changes that have taken place over the course of years have not all been for the good of the town. During its early development there were those who took advantage of their positions to further their own ends – thus, by their failure to spend money, in later years found the town with a lot of bad houses, inadequate roads and sewers, which have cost the later generations quite a lot to put right.