The Maypole and Southall Green

Danish Personnel

                         When the works started production, there came from Godley a number of Danes and their families. Their job was to teach the locally recruited labour the process of manufacture. They included Mr. S.H. Blickfeldt, Chief Technologist, who took up residence at “Vine Cottage”: Mr. Yorkenson, Production Manager, and Mr. Moller, to reside in Park View Road: Mr. Sorenson and Mr. J. Brask, Dairy Specialists: Mr. Fransen, Processing: Mr. Larsen, Cooperage: Mr. Laursen, Box Shop Foreman: Mr. B. Jensen, Chief Engineer – he came to Avenue Road: Mrs. Monson, Laundry Superintendant – both her husband and two sons were also with the firm: later, of course, came Mr. Michelson who took up residents at “The Chestnuts”, The Green ( now the hospital ). They all settled down and were a credit to their country.