The Maypole and Southall Green

                         King Street which, until 1902 was Denmark Terrace, leads on from the Green. On the right-hand side is what was the Co-op corner, built in 1907 on what was a pond and the “stocks”. They had a complete shopping complex – butchers, mens’ outfitters, facing King Street. The next two shops were built in 1901 in one was Bankers – Woodbridge Lacy and Company which later became Barclays Bank Ltd., who moved to new premises on the corner of Bridge Road in 1909 – in the other was Dr. MacDonald’s Surgery. These later housed Honesty’s Furniture Shop, Proprietor Mr. George Creesey, who took interest in town affairs and was a Councillor; a fire in 1932 severely damaged the shop.

                        It was a blessing in disguise to the author – being out of work I managed, with a friend, to get the job of clearing up and repairing the damage. This broke my spell of unemployment, my last.

                        The Doctor’s Surgery became an Off-Licence which Mr. P Coulthurst kept for over fifty years. Edgars, Mens’ Outfitters, had two shops for forty-three years. In No. 14 was a Ladies’ Wear shop run by a Miss Hancock. She was a very eccentric lady and was well-known for her outbursts of temper ( Appendix 3 ). Next a sweet and tobacconist shop and, last, Russells – later Dadds & Clatworthys, boots and leather goods.

                        The Church and its history are on another page.

                        Western Road was originally the old boundary of the Green, but over the years the whold of Denmark Terrace ( King Street ) has been incorporated.

                         On the corner of Western Road and King Street, Platts opened before moving to three shops further along. Endicotes Drapers took over but was destroyed by fire on November 27th 1914 – as well I remember the hiding I got for going to it! When rebuilt it was opened by the Co-op, who eventually closed in 1977.