Growing-up With Southall From 1904 (Memories of R.J. Meads)


Adventure at Cup Final 1923. 

                        One of the men I worked with, Tich Richards, suggested we go to Wembley to see the Cup Final between Bolton Wanderers and West Ham. Leaving off work at 12 0’clock we got to Wembley by bus, and Wembley High Street was one mass of people. We made our way towards the Stadium and across the railway line which runs alongside. Scaffolding and ladders were still up on this side of the Stadium. Seeing men climbing the ladders and getting in we waited our turn and got up to the first ledge. My mate had just made it when a quart bottle of beer crashed down from somewhere up above. It missed him by inches, otherwise he would have been killed. We carried on and eventually ended up in the 10/6 seats, where we stayed and watched the white police horse scene , which has so often been described, and Bolton beating West Ham 2-0. It was estimated that there were 120,000 inside the Stadium, but there were three times that number on the outside. It was of course thought that the Stadium would be big enough to hold all that wanted to come, hence no tickets.