Growing-up With Southall From 1904 (Memories of R.J. Meads)

Website Editor’s Preface  


Thanks and acknowledgement  

The text of ‘Growing-up With Southall From 1904’ is shown within this website with the consent of Mr Arthur Meads, whose gracious permission for the use of his father’s work has been invaluable in the site’s ambition of promoting a wider awareness of Southall’s history.  

‘Growing-up With Southall from 1904 is the first work in a trilogy of historical books, this one containing the personal history and recollections of Mr R. J. Meads. His other volumes being; The Maypole and Southall Green and Southall 830 – 1982 respectively.  

‘Growing-up With Southall from 1904’ is the sole copyright of Mr Richard James Meads, all rights reserved to Mr Arthur Meads.

Notes on this publication of Growing-up With Southall from 1904  

It was originally intended that an exact reproduction of the original ‘Growing-up with Southall’ be displayed within this site – unfortunately, this has not proved possible. The original manuscript was typewritten using many unconventional mannerisms (double and treble spacing between words etc) in order for the text to appear symetrical and fit within typewriter set margins.  

This achieved its intended aim even when replicated on a printing press, however, working within an HTML environment has not permitted an exact duplication. Similarly, within a physical book, page text can end halfway through a sentence without causing any problem to the reader, who can quickly regain the thread of the text by browsing across the page or overleaf: in a ‘tabbed’ page layout this causes much inconvenience, and so all pages within this web publication conclude only with complete paragraph endings. Because of this, the original book’s page numbering has also been dispensed with as each web page tab would bear no relation to its corresponding page in the printed version.  

All that remains is to wish the reader every enjoyment of this first volume of Richard Meads’ comprehensive trilogy on Southall’s history.