SOUTHALL: A Brief History


Website Editor’s Preface


 Thanks and acknowledgement

 Before proceeding with a brief précis of this excellent but rather scarce volume on Southall’s past, I would first like to acknowledge my great indebtedness to the London Borough of Ealing without whose kind permission, the full text of ‘Southall: A Brief History’ could not have been reproduced within this website.

Originally the copyright of the Municipal Borough of Southall (© 1965), presumed copyright passed to the London Borough of Ealing with the dissolution of Southall Borough in that same year. In accordance with the authorised conditions of usage, it is here acknowledged that permission for the publication of ‘Southall: A Brief History’ relates solely to this website; and that no part of the text, neither in whole nor in part may be reproduced elsewhere, nor may third parties be charged for its access.

 I would also like to extend my particular thanks to Mr. Peter Morris; Director of Marketing and Communications and to Deborah Dickey; Media and Communications Officer, Marketing and Communications Dept – both, London Borough of Ealing, for their kind facilitation of my original request for permission to reproduce this text.

Notes on ‘Southall: A Brief History’

 Although there are a number of excellent books on Southall extant (several available to view in full within this website), ‘Southall: A Brief History’ by Paul Kirwan M.A., F.L.A., is the very first, and to this day, only purely academic official history of Southall available. Compiled and written by a former Reference and Technical Librarian of Southall Library, the work was originally written to offer Southall residents a general history of the town and its environs until such time as a more comprehensive official history was made available; this was never to happen.

Readers are, therefore, wished every enjoyment in their perusal of this noteworthy and unique academic history – a work most highly commended to them.