The Maypole and Southall Green

The Aftermath

                        The works stood empty for nearly three years, when a portion was taken over by Angus Watson & Co. in 1932. A large piece of land at the rear was sold and this is where the Quaker Oats factory now stands. Another piece of land became what is now Hortus Road New Cemetary, with entrance at the end of Osterley Park Road.

                        Other parts of the factory have housed several different companies, including Ceramic Engineering: Malga Creamery: Spring Grove Laundry: Steel Radiators: Birds Eye Foods: Fenwick Ventilation Ltd.

                        The large firm of Walls now have the front portion, and one can only hope that some of the happy atmosphere of the past still prevails. How pleasing it is that plans are taking shape to establish a Great Western Railway Preservation Group in part of the old Shipping Siding.

                         The “Institute” still tries to fulfill its original function, but the atmosphere is different and the rates charged by the Council to organisations make it very expensive to hire for private use.