The Maypole and Southall Green


                        Miss Hancock kept a Ladies’ Wear shop in King Street for quite a few years. She gained a reputation for her outbursts of temper.

                        It is well known that she thoroughly objected to the male sex stopping to look at her display of Ladies’ underwear etc. in her windows and would shoo them away with threats of a bucket of water thrown over them to cool their ardour – and has done so from the upstairs windows. Even if ladies went in to buy, she would quickly size them up and, if they hesitated at all, would promptly tell them to go elsewhere. Children sent there on errands for their Mums would be asked who they were and, unless it was a direct sale, would be told to clear out.

                        Despite all her tantrums, she did sell good quality goods, and if she did take a liking to you, she could be a good friend.