The Maypole and Southall Green

IF the Southall Norwood Urban District Council had not been so insistant on conditions, and had allowed trams to run between Southall and Hounslow via Frogmore Green, Norwood Green, Heston. This was proposed in 1901 and would have taken place, but the Council’s proposals made the project too costly.

IF the Council had agreed to put a bridge over the canal and allowed Beaconsfield Road to go through to Hayes – it would, of course, have relieved traffic in the Uxbridge Road.

IF St. John’s Church had agreed to sell to the Council the 4 ft. strip of land at Western Road, maybe the road would not be the same now as it was in the days of horses and carts.

IF the old shops ( formerly cottages ) built in 1856 had been pulled down in the High Street and the left-hand side of Hamilton Road cleared to widen the High Street, as has been going to be done since 1923, how different it would be.

IF the “New Look Station Bridge Area”, proposed by private developers which was well publicised in the West Middlesex Gazette in Saturday 4th April 1964 had taken place, Mrs. I. Cavell – Chairman of the Town Planning Committee – and Work Committee Chairman Councillor F. R. Day would have been very proud of the Million-Pound plan and we should not now have the Station Bridge traffic congestion.

IF the proposed new Norwood Green Police Station, built in 1902 had been sited in Adelaide Road where the Council wanted it – but the Police had the last say.

IF the Council had carried through their proposal of 1909 to put the road continuing Norwood Road through Pluckington Place to Western Road, what a relief to King Street that would have been.

IF the Council had been firm and acted to get Beverley House pulled down instead of allowing it to be turned into shops and stand out, making shoppers step into the road to get past the prams.

IF the 10 – 15 – 20 year scheme which Southall Borough Council had in mind for the right-hand side of Featherstone Road and Dudley Road since 1948 had only been started, maybe by now we should have seen great changes.

A QUOTE: The Council moves in mysterious ways its proposals to perform. Every year these various schemes are delayed means thousands of more pounds they will cost.

God forbid that we shall ever see the Water Tower turned into a block of flats, or a minarette for the purpose of calling all Old Southallians to Church.