The Maypole and Southall Green


                        Walls in all the departments where the manufacturing took place were white tiled up to six feet. Plenty of large windows. All the floors were granite, well drained to cope with the large amount of water used, and with traps to catch the waste fat. The roof was iron trussed, with one side glazed. Plenty of ventilation. Provision was made for cold storage, and a large churning stage. This was made of iron and raised about 7 foot off the main floor.

                        The foundation stone was laid on 14th August 1894 by Mr Otto Monsted, and the formal opening of the factory by the Earl of Jersey on 20th March 1895, with a Dinner and Ball for all employees, 23rd March. It was known as Otto Monsted’s and some Danish experts came from their factory at Godley, Cheshire to help get the production going. The first margarine was produced December 1894. This was the begining of what was to become the largest margarine works in Europe.

                        A private road led down from the Green, and on the left-hand side had to be built a water pumping station to supply the thousands of gallons required. Also, a railway siding was constructed with loading bays and a special train brought milk from the West Country daily.

 Large additions continued in:-

1900                large tank rooms added,
1902                dairy sidings and office extentions,
1906                large printing department,
1907                 two artesian wells sunk,
1912-13           dock and canal, at a cost of £27,670
1921-22           large shipping sidings
1924                 the last, a tall building almost opposite the main gates which was
                          to house a large combined aster and blending machine.