The Maypole and Southall Green


                        When the Hanson family came to Southall in 1850, it was the start of an era. Of Danish origin, there was a family of six sons. Ben Hanson was nine years and A. Hanson, seven years. They eventually formed the firm of A. & B. Hanson, and the busines grew into one of the biggest Public Contractors in the country; building pubs, churches, schools and a great variety of other buildings, until the firm finally closed in Southall, 1977. The list of activities involving the family in local affairs is almost endless, and here are just a few.

                        Mr. Ben Hanson, who lived at Beverley House, King Street, besides being a partner in the building firm , was for several years on the Southall Norwood Urban District Council – Chairman on three occasions; Chairman Chamber of Commerce 1924 and 1927; on the Schools Attendance Committee 1889; Highways Commiittee 1891; President of the St John Ambulance. He lost his wife in March 1923. He died on 29th May 1927 at his grand-daughter’s home in Norwood Gardens, and at his funeral on 4th June, the cortege was preceded by the North Hyde Boys’ Band and the whole was reported in the National Press.

                        Mr Arthur J. Hanson, the other Partner lived at “Revelstoke”, South Road; he also held several public positions including Vestry Clerk until 1927, Precinct of Norwood; Sexton of St John’s Churchyard 1889. His wife died in April 1878 at the age of 29. They had one or more children die in infancy. He himself died June 1931 at the age of 87.

                        His son, Mr Alfred Hanson, who resided in Osterly Park Road, held several public posts including Rating Officer for the Southall Norwood Urban District Council for a number of years, and was associated with a great many clubs in the district. A keen fisherman. His wife died in October 1909 aged 30. He died February 1939, aged 63.

                        Other notes I have:

Mr. G. Hanson – Southall Head Postmaster 1887.

Mr. Harry Hanson – opened the first Post Office as such in Featherstone Road in 1868. He died May 1937 aged 90.

Mr. H. G. Hanson – Burial Board 1891;  Lighting Inspector on Highways Board 1891.

Mr. A. J. Hanson – Assistant Surveyor and Assistant Overseer 1890-1, salary £80 per year.

Miss Wark married the younger son of Mr. B. Hanson.

                         They had quite a lot of property in the town and, until 1898, Kingston Road was their private property. It then became a public road taken over by the Council.