The Maypole and Southall Green

                        Havelock Road was formerly Fedder Lane and was re-named after Sir Henry Havelock, a famous Quartermaster General, British Army, in the Mutiny in the 1850’s.

                        On the left is the cemetary which was opened in 1883 and consectrated by the Bishop of London. This co-incided with the closing of Norwood Churchyard for burials. The cemetary was extended in 1924. A small chappel was built in 1894 by W. Brown; and the cemetary Lodge, for many years occupied by Mr. & Mrs. Steame, and a small mortuary was built the next year. Both have now been pulled down.

                        Marlow Road, Church Road and Windsor Road were all built to the same design with local stockbricks. A small factory, Southall Colour & Chemical Co, was in business in Marlow Road for about ten years but finished in 1958.

                        Warwick Road built 1932. Part of Mr. Waddington’s Dairy meadow came next and this became the site of Southall Greyhound Racing track in October 1931. It did not have a very favourable reputation and finally closed in 1977. This site is now the Havelock First School, officially opened by the Mayor of Ealing , Mrs. Lavinia Blake, Thursday 8th March 1979.

                        Just to the left of the school is a very nice Borough Old Peoples’ Home “Martin House”. It was opened in May 1977 by the mayor of Ealing, Clr. J. Wood, and can accommodate forty men and women. The entrance is in Swift Road. A portion of this estate finished within the past two years  – Landon’s farm and Nursery followed. They used to grow vegetables and flowers for market. The house was a low one-storey building with several packing sheds around.

                        The Farm has given way to a Council House Estate. The names of the roads – Hunt, Hillary, Tensing, Gregory – give the clue as to the date of construction. All are named after the successful Everest Expedition. Their conquest was reported on the same day as the Coronation of our Queen Elizabeth II, 2nd June 1953.