Southall 830-1982

Early Civil Administration
For the purpose of the Domesday Survey in 1086 the whole of Norwood-Southall area was included in Hayes. This changed over the years and, until 1895, Southall Green and Norwood and Northcote were a vestry of Uxbridge, but for Parliamentary Representation came within the Brentford constituency. 1800-02 W. Mainwaring (Lib.); G. H. Byng 1802-47 and 1867-68 (Lib.), created Viscount En dfield. 1847-1867 Lord Robert Grovenor (created Peer), Sir George Hamilton.
In 1886 Southall was transferred to the Uxbridge Division: 1885-86 O. C. Coope (Unionist), he died November 29th, 1886. Southall had represen­tatives on the Uxbridge Vestry, and they had quite a fight to get things done. Lighting of principal roads 1866 (by gas light). There was very long wait for any form of sewage and drainage scheme. In 1890 a tender from H. W. Gould and Co. (Southampton) of £10,222 was accepted to lay a sewer with outlet at Wyke Green. A Mr Freman, a brother-in-law of the Abbott family, did a tremendous amount of work to get this started.
Fresh water supply was another urgent want as wells in use in the Southall Green area had been fouled and an outbreak of fever had resulted. The first tap water came from artesian wells near Southall Railway Station. It was supplied by Southall Water Company and was soft and pure. This supply carried on until 1885.
Another function which came under the Uxbridge Board of Guardians, were the vagrants and very poor. They maintained the Hillingdon Workhouse. There was a great deal of poverty around and a great many old people who could not support themselves would have to go into the Workhouse at Hillingdon. Husband and wife parted perhaps for ever. Tramps used to go from one workhouse to another. They had a very bad reputation and just enough food given to sustain life. From the records of the Board of Guardians October, 1884, tenders were asked for the supply of coffins. Mr Watts of West Drayton accepted. Prices being — Coffins for paupers for Workhouse only, under 14 years 8/3d (41p); over 14 years 11/9d (59p). For outside use, under 14 years 9/1d (45p), over 14 years 13/9d (69p).
It was the Uxbridge Vestry that passed the plans in 1865 for Mr Garratt to put shop fronts on the row of cottages between Avenue Road and Three Horse Shoes.

In 1895, with the population of 8,500, Southall became the Southall-Norwood Urban District Council, with Mr W.W. Holder as its first Chairman.
The acreage was then 246,000, this has increased to 308,000 with the
adjustment of boundaries.