Southall 830-1982

Between 1933-35 the Middlesex County Council constructed the new Greenford Road and, at the same time, shut the entrance to the old Greenford Road under the Iron Bridge. To make the entrance to the new road they had fill in and reinforce part of Springdale Dip. This left a large hole on the right hand side. This is where the Greenford Hotel now stands. It had to be built on concrete stilts and rafts.
In 1935 Labour took control of Southall for the first time, appointing a Labour Councillor Chairman on all committees. An addition was added at the rear of the Town Hall at a cost of £555 to accommodate increasing staff. Dr E. C. Smithard became the first whole-time Medical Officer of Health.
After much delay, the two houses and piece of land in Shackleton Road were purchased and this allowed Lady Margaret Road to go through. The first part of the Quaker Oats Factory, The Mill, was built on the west side of Glade Lane in 1936, and the large part of the factory was started on March 27th, 1937.
Two parks were opened on the north side of Southall, Durdans Park of nearly 25 acres and Jubilee Gardens. A Branch Library, costing £10,000 to build and equip, and other buildings and works there cost another £13,000. Also, on July 24th, 1937 Lord Faringdon officially opened Southall Municipal Sports Ground at Spikes Bridge. This has a splendid running track with dressing-rooms, showers and cafe.
In August, 1937 the Borough purchased the West Middlesex Golf Course. Both County Councillors, Mr J. Scott and Mr G. Pargiter were re-elected. Mr E. Hamblin, Councilor, opened the new Odeon Cinema on the 16th August, 1936. Mr Alfred Hanson, who had been valuation officer of the Rates Department for years retired September 30th, 1937.
On the night of 29th October, 1937 fire destroyed the Metropolitan Film Studios in Gladstone Road. These had been going for some years. Among other films made there, most of comedian Will Hay’s were produced there and in them it was easy to pick out places in Southall used on location.
A tragedy occurred in The Green on the 28th November, 1937 – Mr George Waddington was knocked off his bicycle and fatally injured. He had been a Councillor for a number of years and had served on many committees. He had many business interests in the town. His wife also had served as a Councillor.
On March 6th, 1934 the Southall Norwood Gardeners’ Association was formed at a meeting in Beaconsfield Road (this is now the Southall Horticultural Association with a membership in 1982 of 500). An extension to the Southall Technical College was opened by Mr Alfred Clark, Chairman of Electrical and Musical Industries Limited, on November 30th, 1934 and Mr Harry Rowntree opened Dormers Wells School, built at a cost of £30,000, on December 7th – Headmaster, Mr Eburt.
What a difference now in 1936 when coming into Southall from the Brent Bridge. The road is wider and in good condition. There is no change on the left hand side to the Iron Bridge although a large new Nursing Staff Home has been added at the asylum and, on the Iron Bridge, there is a large advertisement which points the way to AEC, makers of London’s buses. On the right hand side is Brent Meadow with adjoining Wharncliffe Allotments.