Southall 830-1982

North Road Infants’ School was built in 1892. Headmistress Mrs Dunn, with 112 pupils. This was pulled down in 1979.
Dudley Road School, built 1897 on a site costing £200. This was a girls’ school. Later it became an infants’ school. At the same time a smaller building was built which was a cookery and woodwork centre.Although not built until 1910-11 the land for the Western Road School was purchased in January 1896.
Two private schools were in being. Southall High School run by the Revd R. H. Stubbs, MA in 1890. Fees – under 12 years, 6 guineas (£6.30p); over 12, 8 guineas (£8.40p) per year. Mrs Amos Dixon (Board School) Norwood Green, which had dwelling house, offices, stables, yard and garden, also small orchard. Rateable value in 1894 was £35 per year.
What is now the Southall Hospital was built in 1894 for a Mr T. Watson. He was a Cartage Contractor with yard and stables at Mount Pleasant. It got its name ‘The Chestnuts’ from a large horse chestnut tree which stood in the Green. Mr Watson was the father of Mr Horace Watson, Estate Agent and Builders with a shop in The Green, and Builders Yard in Hortus Road. Another Cartage Contractor, Mr George Stacey, lived in Beresford Villa at the end of Beresford Road where he also had yard and stables. There was plenty of work for both contractors with so much development going on and, as yet, no lorries and very few cars.
In the early 1890s a Mr A. Barnes started a Horse Bus Service between the Three Horse Shoes and Hounslow — fare 2d. A trace horse used to pull the bus over the station bridge. It was taken over by a group of Southall business men and became the Southall and District Bus Service. Four buses and fourteen horses were all stationed at Mr E. W. Tapping’s yard in Western Road.
Mr Thomas was still resident at the Manor House and ‘The Barn’ was always in great demand for local events. It was due to his great interest that the ailing Southall Cottage Gardens Association began to thrive. He became President and Mr G. Gibson, Secretary. They held their meetings at ‘The Barn’ and it was his influence with the Earl of Jersey that Bixley Field allotments came into being. The land was on the right hand side of Havelock Road, east of the church path to the canal. After being ploughed up and manured, 10 pole plots were pegged out and the cost was 9d (4p) per pole. This was in March 1894.
The Association held its first Show on the 23rd August, 1894 at The Barn . This was such a success that, at the AGM held on 28th February, it was reported that membership had grown and there was a balance of £3 cash. The date of the next Show to be on 31st July, 1895. This was held on Park Field, which was where Villiers Road and Villiers School now stand. They had a 100ft. marquee and four other tents. There were Trade Displays, both professional and amateur classes — examples of quantities for classes: 20 beans or peas; 4 cabbages; 6 potatoes, beetroots, carrots. No floral art but Table Arrangements. No entry fees. All prizes were goods.There was another society formed in 1895 by the Southall North Road Allotment holders, Mr Lester Secretary, calling themselves ‘Self Help’. They held a dinner at the Red Lion on Monday, 22nd November, 1897 — cost 2/6d (12½p) per head. Their guests were Mr Gosney and Mr Martyn.