Southall 830-1982

Other developers were — Mr Guy who built Dormers Avenue and Waxlow Crescent on Hill House Estate; Browns of Chiswick, Stanhope Estate at the end of Allenby Road, and Bycrofts both sides of Lady Margaret Road. Most of these houses today, 1982, are selling for between £27,000 and £30,000.
The total rateable value in 1927 for the whole of Southall was £172,212.
The population, approximately 32,300 in 1927.
By the end of 1929 radio had come into being and most houses had a radio set and aerials began to appear on the houses. Near the Iron Bridge a large new garage had been built to cater for the increased motor traffic.

For Parliamentary Representation we are still included in the Uxbridge Constituency. Our MP until 1935 – Lt Col. J. T. Moore Brabazon (Con.); and until 1945 Col. J. J. Llewellyn (Con.). Population 1930 – 38,500. 1940 – 53,000.

Chairman of The Council

1930-31 Mr W. J. Spencer
1931-32 Mr J. A. Saxon
1932-33 Mr J. A. Saxon
1933-34 Mr C. F. Collins
1934-35 Major A. T. White
1935-36 Mr W. Garrod (Charter Mayor)
1936-37 Mr F. B. Hamblin
1937-38 Alderman G. Pargiter
1939-40 Alderman G. Pargiter

Clerk to the Council till 1935 Mr Staley Brooks. Surveyor, Mr J. B. Thomson and Medical Officer of Health, Dr Smithard.
In the early 1930s Southall, like all industrial centres, was hard hit by the recession. Despite the fact that there was road and house building on a large scale there was not enough work. There were large queues at the Labour Exchange in the King Street. This was made worse by workmen from the west of England and Wales coming into Southall in search of work. The Council started several jobs to create employment. The widening of Norwood Road which meant the filling in of the Norwood Green Pond in 1930; the making of an artificial lake and the re-siting of the bandstand in 1932; the conveniences at the Town Hall and the purchase of two houses in Shackleton Road to allow Lady Margaret Road to go through to Greenford.
Several people who had served the town well for a great number of years passed on – Revd Frank Roberts, Vicar of St Johns for 30 years, died on the 11th July, 1934; Mr J. J. Wilson, former schoolmaster and Council Chairman, died 23rd September, 1931; Mr Pollitt, first Headmaster of the County School, died 25th January, 1931 and Sir Benjeman Gotts, Secretary of the Middlesex Education Committee, died February 1933. Several more retired – Mr H. E. Burwell, Clerk to the Council for 44 years, in 1935; Miss Woodrow, schoolmistress for 28 years; Mrs Jones on the 30th October, 1936 after 39 years as a teacher (she was my first teacher at North Road School, then Miss Varney).