Southall 830-1982

In Montague Road an old factory has been converted into a Moslem Mosque. The Mission Hall, Western Road; St johns Hall, King Street and Holy Trinity Hall, Lady Margaret Road have all been turned into Meeting Places for different New Southallian religions. The old Congregational Church in Villiers Road is now known as `Granth Gurdwara’ Church.
Businessman Tarsem Singh Foor has had plans passed to build a four-storey hotel costing around £3 million on the Prices Bakery site in the Uxbridge Road. Belmont House, Western Road is now used as an aged Asian Hostel for men. A Hostel for elderly Asian women has opened in Avenue Road.

By this time Southall’s population is over 82,000, with nearly 65% multi-racial – mostly of Asian origin. The whole of Southall has become badly run down. Litter is everywhere and, what makes things a lot worse, so much today is packed in disposable containers which are just thrown anywhere. Gone are most front gardens, these have made way for cars to park. South Road, which used to be one of the best, is now deplorable. Our new citizens seem to love bright colours which shows when they decorate their houses – some very good, but not all – and add to this, the rubbish left in the front gardens has a very bad effect on our terrace type streets. Although one agrees that our Shop Act requires amending, these days it is possible to purchase almost anything in the town on a Sunday; this, despite the fact that prosecutions have been brought against offenders.
Petty crime has increased by 50% and muggings and break-ins reports fill a great deal of space in the local Gazette.
In January a £500,000 collection of Martinware Pottery, Manuscripts, Drawings and Furniture was presented to Ealing Borough by Professor J. H. Grundy. He had started his collection when he was a lad in Villiers Road.
Mr David Osen appointed Headmaster to Dormers Wells High School. The Wolf Field School was officially opened by the Mayor of Ealing, Councillor Anita Fookes. Miss P. J. Skegg Headmistress (Nursery, First and Middle Schools).
45th AGM Southall Horticultural Association, now with a membership of 653, held 29th January.
One of the oldest public houses the Red Lion is up for sale by tender.
The Dominion Cinema has been possessed on behalf of the Inland Revenue to claim £11,000 unpaid tax bills from the Indian Workers’ Association.
500 tenants of Council Houses have made application to buy their houses, rents of which have been increased by 15% and another 20% will be added in 1982.
Hambrough New School (South Road) came into service on 27th April.
On the 29th April a start was made on the new road connecting King Street and Western Road via Pluckington Place. This came into official use on Wednesday, 4th November, 1981, and was named Montague Way.