Southall 830-1982

During the Second World War a great deal was done to entertain all servicemen and their families, also use was made of their hall for classes in Civil Defence and First Aid. The Home Guard also received training there.
The Australian Hospital finally closed in April 1919. At the presentation ceremony of a captured German gun by the Australian Government, it was stated that, whilst the hospital was in operation, it had dealt with 20,000 cases.
Peace celebrations were held in Southall Park on July 10th, 1919. Things werebeginning to get back to normal and, after Lt Quartermaster R. Martin acting for the Australian Government disposed of all surplus hospital property, the site was offered to the Southall Council for around £28,000 but they turned it down. In 1920 it was bought by the Catholic Authorities and became the St Josephs Girls’ School with Sister Mary Baptist the Superintendent. Meanwhile, staff and scholars who due to the war had been combined with Tudor Road School, at last – under Headmistress Miss A. Woodford and two staff Mrs Rigg and Mrs Jones – transferred on April 12th, 1920 to Beaconsfield Road Junior School. 140 children at first, increased to 200 within the year.
What had been a derelict site after the Coffee Tavern fire in 1887 was at last built on to become the Central Hall at the corner of Beaconsfield Road, with a caretaker’s flat and offices over the entrance. It was always on hire for various functions. The Southall Brotherhood used to meet there. In later years it became a Bingo Hall with Betting Shop offices in the front. In 1981 the hall itself had become a Snooker Centre.

Southall is still included in the Uxbridge Parliamentary Constituency and the Hon Sydney Peel (Coalition Unionist) was our MP until 1922 when Commander C. D. Burney (Unionist) was elected. He served until 1929. A list of the Chairmen of the Southall Urban District Council from 1920-30 is as follows:

1920-21 Mr L. Jenkins
1921-22 Mr F. Snoden
1922-23 Mr W. G. Pope
1923-24 Mr G. H. Willis
1924-25 Mr J. Culley
1925-26 Mr A. Chard
1926-27 Mrs B. Chard (First woman)
1927-28 Mr F. W. Moss
1928-29 Mr F. W. Moss
1929-30 Mr C. Hutchings

Clerk to the Council — Mr A. Lawrence Houlder until 1924, and Mr Herbert F. Burwell to 1935. Surveyor, Mr J. B. Thomson 1920 to 1952. Medical Officer of Health, Dr Davenport Windle.