Southall 830-1982

APPENDIX 4 (cont 2)

1968 the band toured Scandinavia. Mr Downs retired and Mr A. A. Berg became Headmaster. He has always given the band his full support. In 1970 the band entered the British Youth Brass Band Competition held in Liverpool. They won the Schools Commemorative Shield, being the highest placed School Band. This they repeated in 1971.
Easter 1972 found the band in Austria, playing at various venues. After a week at the Sunbury Music Camp they again entered the Liverpool Brass Band Competition, but this time the band was made up with pupils and some past youth members of the band and entered and won the Youth Section outright. 1973, after appearing on BBC’s ‘Nationwide’ programme, they once again won the Schools Commemorative Shield in Liverpool. After another tour of Canada in 1974 the band became Featherstone Youth Brass Band so that former members could help the up and coming players. After 17 years Mr A. Mitchell handed over the baton to Mr Paul Harris in 1975. Another tour of Norway 1976 and started recording. West Germany 1977, and played at The Royal Albert Hall at the Rotary International Festival. 1979, another tour of USA and Canada, and a film was made about the band in connection with a film entitled Third World Countries. In 1980 Mr G. Hayes, who had been trained in the band, took over as bandmaster. November 1981 the band entered the Reading Brass Band Competition, coming second – winning the Boosey and Hawkes Challenge Shield. What an achievement.
Since the formation in 1948 successive generations of young people have received a thorough musical education. A number of pupils have gone on to make a career in music, and two pupils have returned to the school as Bandmasters — Mr Paul Harris and Mr Greg Hayes (present Bandmaster).
At the meeting of the General Services Committee of the Borough, December 1982, a grant was made of £5,000 from its lottery fund towards the cost of buying new instruments. Mr Alfred Berg, Headmaster, said this was well wanted as some of the instruments now in use were very old and beyond repair. At least ten would need to be replaced.

The only Junior Band still in existence in 1982 is the Bugle Band of the 8th Ealing Company of the Boys’ Brigade which is attached to the Baptist Church. Officers of the Company are: Mr R. Goddard (Captain), Mr G. Stokes, Mr A. Hoskins, Mr G. Goddard, Mr E. Milsom, M. J. Holman, Mr P. Milsom, Mr M. Dhanraj, Mr D. Streets.