Southall 830-1982


One man who in his own way did quite a good job in preserving the history of Southall was Mr Ernest Ham. His family came to Southall in 1889. He was educated at Christ’s Hospital (Blue Coat School). All his life he suffered from asthma. He went around in all weathers with his little sketch book, or with a small easel, and painted a great many pictures of Southall. Over 70 of these were presented to the Library after his death. Many more are in private collections. A series of slides was made of his paintings and these are still used for Lecture purposes.

He was born in Dorset on 21st June 1874, married Rose Lidstone, and all his married life lived at No 8 Florence Road. He was employed by Abbott Brothers, High Street, and was a superb craftsman in woodwork. His poker work is somewhere in the Royal Palaces. A staunch churchman, he worshiped at St Johns Church, and was sidesman for many years.

Ernest Ham died on the 1st February 1958, age 83 years.