Southall 830-1982

The 6th Annual General Meeting of the Norwood Conservative Association held on 28th February, 1894 at The Romans, Southall Green.
A sport which did not last long was Whippet Racing. This took place at the Southall Cricket Club Ground which was sited in a field at the bottom of Longford Avenue, bordering Dormers Wells. Southall Whippet Association, President Lord Charles Innes Kerr. The first meeting was Wednesday, September 5th, 1894. Meetings held once a fortnight.
Civil Administration
Our representative in Parliament was Mr Frederick D. Hartland (Con.) MP for the Uxbridge Division from 1886-1909.
By an order No 26598, dated 16th January, 1891, Southall-Norwood, with boundaries up to Brent Bridge – including Hanwell Asylum – comes under the control of the Southall-Norwood local board.
By Local Government Board Order No 31372 dated 30th September, 1894, 178 acres (part of the Heston and Isleworth District) was added to Southall-Norwood. The population then was around 7,300.
In 1894 Mr Thomas of the Manor House presented the first ambulance to the local board.
Elections took place in December 1894 for the first members of an Urban District Council. East Ward: Messrs C. T. Abbott, T. Haines, B. J. Hanson, H. Lee, F. Rouse and W. T. Thomas. West Ward: H. Avery, W. Freemantle, T. B. West, G. Gibson, W. W. Houlder and R. C. Martyn. They met for the first time on the 8th January, 1895 in a room over Burns, the outfitters in the High Street. Mr W. W. Houlder elected Chairman and the name of ‘The Southall-Norwood Urban District’ confirmed. The first Clerk, Mr A. Lawrence Holder; Surveyor advertised for and Mr Howard R. Felkin appointed. Medical Officer of Health, Dr D. Windle. Mr G. Gibson became Southall’s first County Councillor in 1895. Miss Staniford offered the site of ‘The Romans’, Southall Green for a Town Hall for £3,000 in May 1895. This was not accepted.
In 1896 the Earl of Jersey gave the site at the corner of High Street and Lady Margaret Road for the new Council Offices to honour Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. Plans were submitted and tenders were invited on the 9th April, 18 96. The tender of Mr C. T. Kealey of St Albans, £3,543, was accepted. To this was added another £200 for alterations to plans. It was opened by Lady Jersey on the 8th November, 1897. The editor’s father worked on the site for the contractors.
When in 1889 the Police Authorities decided to build a Police Station at Norwood on the Police Pound, the local Government Board opposed thesite, wanting it to be sited in Adelaide Road, but the Police had their way and the station was opened in 1890. They transferred the Pound to behind The Wolf and it became the job of the landlord to look after what animals were brought there. Before the station was built Police used to come from Heston on duty and, if it became necessary, used the cells which had been constructed in a house almost opposite.The rates levied on the 23rd April, 1895 were 1/4d (7p) in the pound.