Southall 830-1982


Message of Thanks on Dissolution of Borough of Southall

At a meeting of the Southall Borough Council held on the 23rd day of March,
1965, it was
that the Southall Borough Council, at its last Meeting before the dissolution of the Borough under the provisions of the London Government Act 1963, desires to acknowledge and offers sincere thanks for the distinguished, loyal and devoted services, voluntary or otherwise, of past and present Members of the Council, Non-Council Members of various Committees, Officers and Employees, and also Organisations, Associations, the Local Press, Industrial and Commercial Concerns and their employees and, indeed, many zealous inhabitants, without which the manifold achievements and progressive development of Southall, particularly since its incorporation as a Municipal Borough in 1963, could not have been realised; and recognising that the creation of such a thriving and happy community could not have been attained without the foresight, hard work and personal sacrifices of all those who have participated, wishes to place on record in this Resolution its high appreciation and deep gratitude to all who have helped, in one form or another, in promoting and maintaining the advancement of the town and the general welfare of all sections of the community.
Further, the Council earnestly hopes that all concerned will strive, with their neighbours in the London Borough of Ealing and within the concept of the reform taking place in the administration of local government in Greater London, to maintain the progress achieved in Southall and to uphold the many fine traditions which have been established over the years in the locality.
This was signed by the Mayor – A. T. Dane, and Town Clerk, and the Common Seal of the Southall Borough Council was affixed.